Sekkan is a nahuatl (aztec) word meaning "together".

At Sekkan we believe great leadership derives from a passion for people. Sekkan Leadership provides training and content to help you become a better leader and build your Dream Team.



At Sekkan we believe that outstanding leaders care deeply about their people and their projects.


Leaders motivate their team and colleagues to act through their vision and passion.


Sekkan means together. Helping your team thrive is what will ultimate lead to great results. 


Candela Iglesias Chiesa is the author of "Build Your Dream Team. Leadership based on a passion for people." A researcher and public health specialist by training, she has led multidisciplinary teams and coordinated projects within academic institutions, hospitals and not-for-profit organizations in different countries.

She relishes the challenges of leading multidisciplinary teams and bringing together highly skilled professionals with different backgrounds.

She has lived and worked in Mexico, South Africa, France, and Norway. She's an avid hiker and enjoys obstacle-course racing and scuba diving.


Sara Benavent is a graphic designer and publicist from Madrid. Her role at Sekkan is multidisciplinary. She keeps our Sekkan community together with her daily posts on social media and by listening to our audience to personalize the content that we share. She brings to life the ideas of our founder through her beautiful designs and thoughtful words, and curates and shares most of the digital content that Sekkan creates on our various media. 


She also works as a video editor for social media influencers and co-owns the feminist design brand La Gata Zurda.


When she’s not working, you can probably find her traveling, writing or discovering new spots around the city with her friends.